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Client Results

In over twenty years of being a lawyer I have won trials, had cases dismissed at trial and through negotiations and by filing motions resulting in evidence being thrown out. I have also achieved beneficial plea deals for my clients. I’d like to share some examples of those dismissals and deals:

  • Possession of Controlled substance. My client was stopped by the UHP driving a van with 70 pounds of marijuana. A motion to suppress was filed and the case was dismissed.
  • My client was a passenger in a car and the officer detained him without cause and then searched him finding methamphetamine. Through motions the case was dismissed.
  • Possession of marijuana dismissed.
  • Possession of paraphernalia dismissed.
  • Client stopped and arrested for Driving with a Measurable Metabolite and drug paraphernalia – charges dismissed.
  • Possession of one pound of psilocybin mushrooms dismissed.
  • Possession of Controlled substance and DUI dismissed.
  • Domestic Violence and Aggravated Assault dismissed.
  • Domestic Violence Assault dismissed.
  • Domestic Violence criminal mischief dismissed.
  • Domestic Violence in the presence of a child dismissed.
  • Vehicular homicide dismissed.
  • Two counts of rape by two different women dismissed.
  • Rape accusation by ex-wife dismissed.
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child dismissed.
  • Sodomy upon a child dismissed.
  • Rape of a child dismissed.
  • Four counts of Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child dropped to one non-sex related misdemeanor.
  • One count of Sodomy upon a Child and three counts of Aggravated Sex Abuse of a Child reduce to one misdemeanor that doesn’t require registration on the sex offender registry.
  • One count of Lewdness involving a child dismissed.

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