Vehicular Homicide

Most drivers do not get behind the wheel with the intention of hurting both other drivers/passengers or pedestrians.

That said it just takes one wrong move when driving to send you to prison for many years. With that being the case, will a vehicular homicide charge prove your downfall?

Under the state’s definition, a motor vehicle includes cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, trains, and any crafts used in either the water or in the air.

In the event you’re behind the wheel and someone is killed as a result of your alleged actions, you need to have a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney on your side at once.

He  can provide the defense advice needed to give you a fighting chance in avoiding a conviction and going to jail or prison.
When it comes to finding the right legal assistance in Utah, locating a Salt Lake City attorney doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.

Through family members and friends or using the Internet to search for an appropriate attorney to represent you, don’t show up in court without proper legal representation.


Criminal Defense Attorney Can Fight for Your Rights

Once you’ve chosen the right criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City, be sure to provide them with the following information:

  • Every available detail regarding the accident.
  • If you were at all impaired while behind the wheel (alcohol, medications, suffered some sort of medical episode etc.).
  • Any eyewitness testimony to indicate you in fact were not at fault.
  • Any video evidence to show your vehicle was in fact not the main cause of the accident.

Under Utah law, you could find yourself being charged with either a third degree or second degree felony if involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident.

While you never hope to find yourself in such a situation, be prepared to fight for your freedom

Having the proper Salt Lake City legal team behind you means everything.

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