Seizure and Forfeiture

Have you found yourself stopped and detained in Utah and your money, phone, car and other property seized by the police? Across the country and in Utah the highway patrol and police aggressively stop motorists on what is known as a pretext stop for some minor traffic offense. They then deploy a dog or ask permission and search your car and seize property. The authorities claim that the money is proceeds of criminal activity or that it is going to be used for criminal activity.

After they seize the property they have seventy-five days to file a civil forfeiture action against you to forfeit the property.


Our criminal attorney has the skills necessary to recover your seized property

A highly trained prosecutor who specializes in property forfeiture will take you to court and try to keep your property. He is backed up by the police who also have training and the all the investigative tools of the government to use against you. You need a lawyer on your side that knows the law and has the tools to get your property back. Civil forfeiture cases involve filing answers and responding to motions for summary judgment. In Utah State Court you are entitled to a jury trial. You need an experienced trained attorney on your side. Paul Grant has civil law experience and criminal law experience. Forfeiture cases are hybrid cases involving both civil and criminal law and an attorney experienced in both areas of the law is required.

At the law office of Paul Grant we have successfully recovered the property of people who have had it seized and are in civil forfeiture proceedings. Call Paul Grant and retain an Attorney who can put you on even ground with the government.

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