Taxi Cab DUI

When you drive a taxi cab for a living in Utah, you rely on a good driving record to keep the passengers coming.

While you may or may not be the best driver out there, one mistake (drinking too much) could easily haunt you for the rest of your life. In the event a passenger and/or other driver or pedestrian is injured, especially seriously, your life good very well change overnight.

That said what happens when you are faced with a DUI? Do you stand a chance of losing your taxi cab job for good? Could you end up paying a significant fine and/or even doing jail time? Lastly, how do you know which Salt Lake City DUI Attorney is best suited to assist you?  

With all of these questions (and likely more) on your mind, it is imperative that you work with a DUI Attorney in Salt Lake City who can give you the best opportunity in court to prove your case, meaning the charges could even go by the wayside. If they do not, getting the best plea deal possible is your next focus.

So, how do you go about trying to get your life back in order, allowing you to a return of somewhat normalcy in both your professional and personal endeavors?


Provide Your DUI Attorney with the Facts

So that you can mount the best defense possible, keep these items in mind:

  • DUI arrest – What are the facts about your DUI arrest? Did law enforcement go by the book in terms of a breathalyzer test and/or any blood work? Were you read your rights properly at the time of the arrest? In some cases, law enforcement messing up on even one iota of the arrest could cancel the charges against you, so make sure you give your DUI attorney all the information you know.
  • DUI mistake – Is there a chance that you were mistakenly tagged as being under the influence of alcohol at the time of your arrest? It could have been a case of having a medical episode (seizure, vertigo etc.). You may have also been on a prescribed medication that did not interact properly with one drink you had earlier in the day before driving. Yes, you are expected to know that taking prescription pills and drinking is not a good mix. Finally, if you had a passenger or passengers in your cab at the time of your arrest, did they report any issues regarding your driving? There is always the chance it was a mechanical failure with the vehicle that your driving appeared to be impaired.

When you’re facing the seriousness of a DUI charge and possible conviction, drive off with the right legal help.

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