Have you been accused of committing forgery? If so, don’t pass off the charges as not being that big of a deal.

Keep in mind that a forgery conviction can lead to several years behind bars and a sizable fine. Whether the prosecution decides to seek felony or misdemeanor charges, take them seriously.

Also, keep in mind Forgery is a crime of moral turpitude. That is a legal term that means a conviction will affect your credibility in future court proceedings. It also will hurt you employability. If you are not a citizen it is an offense which may result in your  deportation.
By turning to the right Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney, you can put up the best possible defense. With that defense, you can hopefully either get the charges dropped or at least work out a reasonable plea deal.


Let a Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney Fight for You

  1. In working with a criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City, be sure to cover the following areas in putting together a solid defense case:

    • Evidence – What evidence does the prosecution have with which to work with? Is there clear-cut evidence to show you altered, illegally signed, inappropriately transferred or did other actions with any documents? Those documents can include legal paperwork, checks and more. It will be up to the prosecution to show beyond a reasonable doubt that you intended to defraud another individual or business. In some cases, individuals will receive a check they believe to be authentic, only to discover it wasn’t when they attempted to cash it. If you can show you believed the check to be valid, the prosecution will have a harder time convicting you.
    • Signature – If your signature shows up on a check or other document, can you prove that you did not authorize such an action? In some instances, an individual’s signature can be copied and/or altered. When this happens, they unknowingly have their signature on a document without their approval. You may be able to show the court that in fact someone copied your signature and used it for a check, other legal document, or even a medical prescription.
    • Record – Even if you are suspected of committing forgery, a clean criminal record to date can go a long way in helping you. Due to never having been in trouble with the law before, you may end up with probation and community service if convicted, thereby avoiding time behind bars.

    When forgery charges are steering you in the face, find the right criminal defense attorney to go to work for you.

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