Public Intoxication

For many individuals, having an alcoholic drink or two is a way to relax after a long day.

Now, what happens when that one or two drinks turns into too much alcohol and you are arrested and charged with public intoxication?

Yes, things can get a little sticky for you at the end of the day.

So, what must you do to try and get yourself out of a bad situation that can have a negative impact on both your personal and professional lives?


Let an experienced Salt Lake City Litigator Serve You

When you are in need of legal help to fight public intoxication charges, find the right legal pro as soon as possible.

Your legal counsel will be able to help you put together a defense that you hope will either result in the charges being dropped or a plea bargain deal at worse.

In consulting with a criminal defense attorney, here are things to discuss:

  • Evidence – What evidence does the prosecution have that you and your legal must refute? Were you tested at the scene of the arrest and proven to have been publicly intoxicated? Did authorities determine you to be a danger to yourself or one or more individuals? Is there any video or eyewitness evidence of you being intoxicated in public? It is important to note that public intoxication charges can also be filed if you were arrested in your home or place of business. Being arrested for public intoxication does not always mean at a bar or on a street. By knowing what the evidence is against you, your legal team can begin to mount a defense for you.
  • Fallout – Failing to put up a strong defense against public intoxication charges can lead to a myriad of problems for you. For one, you could end up losing your driver’s license for a period of time. Having a public intoxication charge successfully handed down in court against you can also lead to fines and potential jail time. The jail time could be everything from an overnight visit behind bars to up to several months depending on the severity of the crime and any past criminal record. Finally, there is the potential for the charges and ultimately a conviction to have a negative impact on your professional and personal lives. On a professional level, it could have an impact with your employer or finding work if word is out there you have this on your record. A current or prospective employer may look down on you for the arrest and possible conviction. It can also have a negative impact within your personal life. For example, if a parent of young children and going through a divorce now or already divorced, it can have an effect on the amount of time with your children.

By having the right Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney in your corner, you stand a fighting chance of getting the result you want.

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