Protective Orders

When you have a protective order out against you, it can prevent you not only from being around an individual, but also from having any type of communication with that individual as well.  Being accused of violating a protective order can have very far-reaching consequences, especially if you have a trial pending.  If you have found yourself facing charges for the violation of a protective order, our Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney can help.


Our Salt Lake City Criminal Attorney can help you navigate sensitve cases

Most protective orders are part of a domestic violence case. Domestic violence is any type of force or intimidation between intimate, formerly intimate, or familial parties.  If your ex-girlfriend or ex-husband filed a protective order against you, you can be thrown in jail for violating it. It is extremely important to your future that you keep in contact with a Salt Lake City protective order defense attorney during your case.  Already having an attorney can save you much needed heartache if you are ever accused of a violation.

Don’t hesitate to call a Salt Lake City Criminal Lawyer if you have a protective order against you

If you have just been notified that someone has filed for a protective order against you, you do have the right to contest this order.  Our Salt Lake City protective order attorney can help you make your case before a judge to clear your name.

When facing a protective order, you need to choose an aggressive attorney who will stand up for you at all costs.  If you or someone you care about is facing a charge for a protective order violation or would like to contest the filing of a protective order, our Salt Lake City criminal lawyer is the right attorney for you.  Please contact our office at your earliest convenience for a free case evaluation.

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