Assault & Aggrevated Assault

Crimes of violence receive the most attention from the government. When charged with assault, aggravated assault or any violent offense it is crucial to defend yourself by contacting Paul Grant to aggressively protect your rights.

People often are amazed they have been charged with assault when they never laid a hand on anyone. The reason is that in Utah a person can be charged with assault for merely attempting to do bodily injury to another person. In other words if you take a substantial step toward causing bodily injury upon someone you can be charged with assault. Even if you just threaten injury to another accompanied by a demonstration of violence you can be charged with assault. Of course if you actually injure a person the law labels that assault as well in Utah, although in common law and in other States it  is known as battery.

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To prove assault, however, the prosecutor has to fit the facts with the law and an experienced defense lawyer can help present the facts favorably for his client.  The government must not  only prove the facts of an assault but they must prove the accused had the proper state of mind at the time of the assault, and an experienced and skilled lawyer can  examine the accused’s state of mind at the time of the alleged assault and use it to fight the charge.

There are many defenses to a charge of assault. Utah has strong self-defense laws dating back to our pioneer/wild west history that allow a person to stand his ground. Utah also has the “defense of another” law that an accused can claim and it offers the same protection as self-defense. Finally in Utah a person can defend his home using deadly force. These laws protect you and provide a strong defense for people charged with assault.

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