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My practice consists of  return clients mainly and people referred to me from  those former clients.  With over 25 years as a lawyer people trust me and come back because I treat them honestly and do a good job.  To keep a private practice prospering this long demonstrates I run my practice the right way.  As I write this I just took a call from the mother of a client I first represented 16  years ago. He is in jail and needs help and she trusts me to help him.   

With over 25 years of experience as a lawyer I have handled almost every kind of criminal case. I’ve worked as a prosecutor, public defender and private defense lawyer. I understand that if you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer that you have found yourself in one the most difficult times of your life. You should contact me to discuss your case and allow me to evaluate the case and put the situation into perspective. You need an experienced and knowledgeable eye to review the case and advise you.  After every first meeting I have with clients they feel better because knowledge leads to control.

I know most of the judges in the State and they trust and respect me. With me as your voice the judge will hear your side of the case. I have tried many cases over the years and have the skills, knowledge and ability to present a defense to a judge and a jury. I also have worked with hundreds of prosecutors and I have good relationships with them which will make your case go easier for you.

I emphasize my 25 years of experience and the reason for that is trying a case to a jury or a judge and navigating a courtroom is a skill that is developed by doing it and being in the courtroom. It takes years of practice to develop the instincts to know how to act  before a judge or jury. I have spent a lot of my life watching lawyers and there is a big difference between and new lawyers and veteran lawyers.  Before you hire a defense lawyer you need to look carefully at how long they have been an attorney and where they acquired their experience. I don’t know many criminal defense lawyers who can legitimately claim they are “experienced” after less than 10 years .

When I accept a case I am the attorney who handles the case. I know that some firms have the lead lawyer meet with the client and then they pass the case off to a junior associate or a paralegal to do the work. I don’t do that. When you hire me I promise that I will be the attorney handling your case. Of course I have an attorney who backs me up in case of an emergency but rest assured when you hire Paul Grant I am the one who goes to court with you.

I keep my overhead low and as a result I charge reasonable fees. If you want to pay for your lawyer to sit in a big fancy office with a pretty receptionist feel free. I think what a client wants when they hire me is a good lawyer.

I welcome comparison of my experience and outcomes to any other attorney in Utah.  What’s written here is fact.

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