Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile crimes are a unique legal arena and while many of the same legal principles apply in delinquency cases as in adult court there are many idiosyncrasies unique to juvenile court that require an attorney with experience in juvenile court. With my experience I can assist you in navigating the juvenile system.

The basics of Utah Juvenile law tell us that any person under the age of 18 will be prosecuted in Juvenile Court. The Juvenile Court system treats a person accused of a crime differently than the adult system. A juvenile is punished differently and evaluated differently. The Juvenile Court system wants to rehabilitate the juvenile and it states that as its’ goal. However, the Juvenile Court system employs a stick as well as a carrot so the parent of a juvenile needs an experienced Attorney to represent their child.


An experienced juvenile crime attorney will make rehabilitation a priority for his client

In the adult system the intent of the law is to punish first and rehabilitate second. In the juvenile system the intent, theoretically, is to rehabilitate first and punish second. Sometimes the prosecutors, probation officers and judges running the juvenile court system need the voice of an experienced defense attorney to remind them of that principle.

The Juvenile Court Act  section 78A-6-101 governs the juvenile justice system in Utah. Any person who has committed a crime and is under the age of 18 will be dealt with in juvenile court. The juvenile court has what is known as ongoing jurisdiction for people until they turn 21.      

The juvenile court also handles DCFS cases where abuse, neglect or dependency of children are at issue. I have experience in these areas as well.

Some traffic offenses are dealt with in traffic court but serious cases such as DUI, driving with a measureable metabolite and reckless driving go to juvenile court.

Saltlake City Defense Attorney in Juvenile Crimes

Assault charges,
Criminal mischief, 
Disorderly conduct,
Domestic violence,
Driving with Metabolite
Drug offenses,
Minor In Possession of Alcohol
Protective orders
Public intoxication,
Sex offenses,
Theft charges,
Traffic offenses.

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