Violent Crimes

Being accused of committing violent crimes not only puts your freedom and criminal record at stake, but also your reputation.  Being convicted of a violent crime could result in being forever branded as a violent person, or someone too immature to handle their emotions.  One background check could destroy your job and educational opportunities.

Your entire life is at stake when accused of committing violent crimes.  That’s why our Salt Lake City attorney Paul Grant dedicates much of his practice to the defense of offenders just like you.


Our Salt Lake City Domestic Violence Lawyer has experience defending violent crime charges

The defense of violent crimes involves complex legal tactics that only a knowledgeable lawyer who has practiced criminal law for decades will understand. You want a lawyer who has fought the fight, not one who is learning the ropes while representing you.

If you or someone you care about is facing a charge for a violent crime, our attorney is the right attorney for you.  Please contact our office at your earliest convenience for a free case evaluation.

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