DUI Felony

A felony DUI is one that can be punished by 0 to 5 years in state prison. In Utah, drivers can be charged with felony DUI if:

  • The driver has had 3 previous DUI offenses within 10 years
  • The driver has been previously convicted for felony drunk driving
  • The driver injured someone in a DUI car accident
  • The driver has previously been convicted of vehicular homicide.
  • The driver injures someone and has drugs in their blood stream.

The penalties for a felony DUI depend on the details of the case. Generally speaking, a judge can sentence a felony DUI offender to up to 5 years in prison, in addition to various fines, community service, rehabilitation, probation, etc. Obviously, a driver involved in a DUI accident that injured or killed another person is going to receive the higher tail end of that scale.


Salt Lake City Utah and DUI Laws

The state of Utah has some of the toughest DUI laws in the United States, and the laws concerning felony DUI are no exception.  A felony DUI conviction could completely destroy the life of an offender and his or her family.  If this sounds like your situation, what you need now is an expert Salt Lake City DUI attorney by your side.

Our Salt Lake City DUI lawyer has represented thousands of people charged with DUI since 1988. He provides all of his clients with a strong, personalized defense. He will always be honest with you and not take advantage of you by charging you a fortune to defend you. He will evaluate the charges and work hard for you with a thorough defense that won’t cost you thousands and thousands of dollars.

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