Being charged with manslaughter is not something you can just hope goes away for one reason or another.

When faced with such a charge, contacting the best Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney is imperative.

He or she can work with you to give you better odds at beating the charge. Remember, a conviction  mean time behind bars. A Manslaughter conviction will result in many years in prison. It also  destroys your career and how people close to you such as family and friends view you.

So, are you ready to make the call for help?


Will You Successfully Fight a Manslaughter Charge?

In working with a criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City, make sure the two of you discuss the following items:

  • Charges – Go over the exact charges and possible sentencing you could be facing if convicted (anywhere from one to 15 years behind bars is the typical range with the average sentence of  8 years in prison). As for the charges, is there clear-cut evidence to show you recklessly caused the death of someone?  One of the more common acts of manslaughter is killing someone by recklessly driving (vehicular manslaughter). An example of this is driving unsafely for the conditions on the road. This might mean you were going way faster than the speed limit or were distracted by your cell phone at the time. As a result, your actions behind the wheel led to the death of one or more individuals. Another case could be someone died during a fight. Now, can you prove their death was not intentional (see more below)?
  • Evidence – What evidence does the prosecution have that you and your legal counsel must successfully dispute? In the case of someone dying in an altercation, were you acting in self-defense? If your legal team can convince others this is the case, the charges could ultimately be dropped. You also want to make sure law enforcement acted properly. Were you read your rights at the time of your arrest? Is there any evidence to suggest something may have been planted on your person or in your vehicle at the time of the arrest? By casting doubt in the prosecution’s case, you could get a jury to find you not guilty. All factors  and evidence of mitigation must be examined by an experienced attorney.

When you have the right criminal defense attorney on your side, you increase the chances of beating the prosecution’s allegations.

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