DUI Refusal

In Utah, refusing to take a BAC test does a lot more harm than good.  Many people assume that if they refuse a test it will some how negate their DUI arrest – nothing could be further from the truth.  The police or troopers routinely obtain a warrant to draw your blood after a refusal. They use the internet to obtain these warrants and can get them in under an hour.


You need a strong criminal attorney to combat tough DUI laws in Salt Lake City

The state of Utah has some of the toughest DUI laws in the United States, including “implied consent” laws.  This basically means that Utah drivers give law enforcement permission to test them if they are pulled over for suspected DUI.  While any driver may lawfully refuse a breath test, it will result in the immediate revocation of their driver’s license. The driver will then be given a permit to drive for 29 days, during which the driver must contact the Driver’s License Division to schedule a hearing to challenge the suspension of their license. This is all of course apart from the actual DUI court case.

Utah’s DUI laws get tougher every year. A DUI conviction has mandatory sentences that include jail time, huge fines, lengthy counseling and interlock devices being installed on your vehicle. In addition you can lose your drivers’ license for long periods of time.

Our Salt Lake City DUI lawyer has represented thousands of people charged with DUI since 1988. He provides all of his clients with a strong, personalized defense. He will always be honest with you and not take advantage of you by charging you a fortune to defend you. He will evaluate the charges and work hard for you with a thorough defense that won’t cost you thousands and thousands of dollars.

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