Shoplifting is a situation almost anyone could find themselves in. A person can absent mindedly place something in their purse or coat or impulsively take something. It is an accident or a mistake and if not handled correctly can affect your future, freedom and reputation.

Accusations of retail theft can be difficult cases to defend and require an experienced lawyer

The legal term for shoplifting is retail theft. This type of offense takes place inside a store that sells items to the public. Unlike other types of thefts a person can be accused of retail theft for merely placing the object in a pocket or under a coat; the person doesn’t even need to leave the store. If the item is purchased for less than its’ retail value and the law can prove you knew it they can charge you with retail theft.


When Charged with Shoplifting in Salt Lake City

We have even seen people charged for retail theft for just being with the person who has concealed or taken the item. The store calls them an accomplice. This is an area in which the store often overreaches and our experienced lawyer can help you.

In addition stores will often take civil action against a person or the parents of a juvenile accused of theft and we can help you with that as well.

When Accused of Shoplifting

If you have been accused of shoplifting and no nothing about the system you need the legal representation of an experienced Salt Lake City defense lawyer. We have helped hundreds of people who have been accused of shoplifting and saved them from the serious consequences that follow a conviction.

Shoplifting is an enhanceable offense, if you have had two or more convictions in the last 10 years you will be charge with a felony and could go to prison.

After practicing law in Utah for over three decades we know how to represent people in courts who have been accused of shoplifting.  We recognize a good defense to this charge. We know when a prosecutor is being fair and know how to advise you. Help yourself and your reputation and contact our firm.

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