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Don’t gloss over a weapons charge in Utah

If you have been cited and even arrested for a weapons charge in Utah, it is not something you want to gloss over. At the end of the day, you could be facing trouble you could be dealing with for some time to come.

An individual charged with assault using a deadly weapon can be an instance where one uses a gun, knife, baseball bat, crowbar, vehicle or other item considered to put others at grave risk and with the potential for serious injury or worse. An assault with a dangerous weapon is aggravated assault, a third degree felony if there is no injury. If there is bodily injury then the charges can be more severe. There is also the potential of attempted homicide charges.

 A lesser charge is brandishing a firearm which is a misdemeanor. Brandishing involves displaying a firearm and making a verbal threat, but not pointing it at a person

Crafting a legal defense against a weapons charge

As you and your legal team work to defend you against a weapons charge, focus in on the following:

When needing a criminal defense attorney to defend you against a weapons charge or charges, make the right call.