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Will a Sexual Assault Charge Change Your Life Forever?

If you’ve been charged with a sexual assault crime, your future hangs in the balance in a myriad of ways.

Most notably, your ability to come and go freely could very well be gone if a conviction ultimately follows those charges.

That said reaching out to a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney is your best and most necessary move.

In working with such an individual, he or she can mount a legal defense to improve the chances of you either walking from the charges entirely or at least receiving a decent plea deal.

Those charges could emanate from a variety of settings, some of which include in the home with a family member or stranger, with a co-worker outside the office, on a college campus etc.

The bottom line is making sure you have an attorney on your side who not only knows the Utah legal system, but also how the prosecution is likely to weave its case.

So, will you ultimately end up with the best criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City to defend you?

Let a Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney Back You

In order to give yourself the best chance to beat the charges or work a plea deal that doesn’t ruin your life for years to come, share the following with your legal counsel:

Make sure you have a sound legal team behind you as you make your case as to why you are innocent.

Paul Grant is a seasoned attorney who has represented hundreds of people charged with Sexual Assault and has a proven track record getting charges dismissed, persuading prosecutors and police not to file charges and plea bargaining cases to a result that doesn’t ruin your life. Paul Grant has also prosecuted sexual  assault charges and he knows what the government considers when looking at sexual assault charges.