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There was a time in American history when any type of alcohol consumption was an illegal act. This teetotaling experiment in abstinence, which lasted between 1919 and 1933, proved to be a total failure. All it really accomplished was to give birth to a criminal enterprise known as “bootlegging”, an endeavor which spawned a wave of violence between warring factions competing for this illicit market and a level of corruption that reached the highest levels of local governments. One would think that political scholars would have learned some profound lessons from this attempt to legislate public morality, but not so. The same type of philosophy that gave rise to this fiasco lives with us today in the form of “driving while intoxicated”, otherwise known as “DUI”. As a result of the insidious resurrection of this failed policy of prohibition, we have now been forced to endure over 30 years of draconian legislation in which the mere presence of alcohol in the blood stream of an innocent driver is deemed a proper cause to deprive him of liberty and property, and to subject him to extremes of punishment that vastly exceed any harm he/she may have actually caused to society. At the Law Office of Paul Grant we are dedicated to upholding the rights of individuals who have been victimized by these laws and their irrational enforcement.

While we recognize that impaired drivers do indeed represent a threat to public safety, the real dangers must be balanced against the reality of what these laws are truly intended to accomplish. The true nature and extent of the “DUI” problem is grossly exaggerated. It is done so to convince a clueless public that curtailing  the individual right to life, liberty and human happiness is in the best interest of “society”, as if society were something complete disassociated with the individuals who comprise it.  Governments are always interested in aggrandizing power at the expense of individual liberties. That is their nature: to rule and to control. The truth of the matter is that most individuals who find themselves being ground up in the DUI machinery of government are guilty of no more insidious a crime than that of being moderate social drinkers who enjoy their lives. The true agenda of government agencies is one of subverting the rights of individuals, undermining the due process requirements that protect those rights, acquiring a steady stream of extorted income from hapless victims who have done no harm to anyone, and to oppress the citizenry under totalitarian control.

So who profits and who pays for this institutionalized corruption?  Governments profit enormously from fines, court fees and all the support industries, such as prisons and counseling services in order to finance their fat, unearned pensions. Insurance companies drool over the prospect of tripling your premiums. Property forfeitures and insurance surcharges are a gold mine for this unholy collusion of government and private industry. The combined income from these sources now exceeds the total amount stolen from the public by actual thieves. These draconian laws are not intended to target the real problem but rather to harvest booty from harmless social drinkers such as you. At the Law Offices of Paul Grant we are committed to opposing this tyranny in defense of individual rights and to provide you the best attorney representation possible. If you have been arrested for DUI in Utah, do NOT despair and, above all, do NOT elect to throw yourself upon the mercy of a court that is more interested in emptying your wallet than redeeming your virtue. Stand up and fight!  In order to insure a knockout blow in this fight, it is important to have a heavyweight attorney with a burning passion to end this road tyranny in your corner of the ring. That is us. At The Law Office of Paul Grant we protect the rights of clients accused of DUI in Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, Park City and surrounding communities in Utah.  Call us today at 801-447-277. You initial consultation is free of charge.