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Are You Facing Robbery Charges in Salt Lake City Utah?

If you are facing non-armed robbery charges in Utah, do not try and sweep them under the rug. It is important to note that such charges can lead to both personal and professional consequences if you’re not careful. In reaching out for top-notch legal advice and counsel, you get the ball rolling on defending yourself.

So, how will you go about dealing with such an important legal issue?

State Your Case to Why You Should Not Be Convicted

In fighting back against non-armed robbery charges, here are some areas to key in on:

Hiring legal representation

Do not waste time in finding legal counsel to defend you against such charges. Know that a conviction can disrupt your life in many ways. Not only could you lose your job or have trouble finding one, you could end up with a fine and even potential time behind bars depending on the severity of the case. If you do not know a good defense lawyer off the top of your head, you can turn to the Internet, family, friends and so on to assist you. You want legal counsel that is experienced, comes highly recommended and will look at you as an individual trying to defend themselves and not just a payday.

Proving why you are innocent

A non-armed robbery is one where an individual or individuals look to take possessions from others that do not belong to them and yet do not show a weapon or weapons in the commission of the crime. Know that using a weapon is not necessary in looking to substantiate such a crime. Merely posing the use or threat of force is sufficient. It is up to the state to show beyond a reasonable doubt that you robbed, stole or took possession of property or money from one with the intention to steal. The state must also demonstrate that such a crime was done through force and violence or due to assault and placing fear in the mind of the reported victim or victims.

Your legal team or attorney must show why this was not the case. Such a defense can be proven through the reported victim or victims indicating you in fact did not rob them, and/or video evidence to show you were not at the scene of the reported crime/s when they allegedly took place. Your legal team can also work to demonstrate that any evidence in the case was taken illegally, or if such non-armed robbery allegations lack probable cause.

With all you potentially have to lose in such a case, fighting back against robbery charges with the right Salt Lake City attorney is essential. Failing to do so can rob you of both a positive and productive professional and personal life.