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Protect Yourself When Accused of Domestic Violence in Utah

When two people get into a relationship, the last thing on the minds of one or both individuals is that they may have to deal with abuse.

That said most people know all too well that abuses occur in countless relationships on a regular basis. When they do, it is imperative for the abused party to reach out for help.

Meantime, the person accused of domestic violence also must reach out for assistance.

He or she is now in a position where both their personal and professional lives can be made difficult for years to come. When this happens, seeking the right legal help is a necessity, not a choice.

One such avenue of help is turning to a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney.

They can inform you on your rights, noting what your best step to take is in avoiding a potential jail sentence and fine.

Have You Been Hit with a Protective Order?

One avenue for alleged victims of domestic violence to turn to is filing a protective order.

That document can protect an individual from having to come in contact with their alleged abuser (in this case, you). The contact can range from physical to verbal.

For you to protect your rights, having a criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City on your side is crucial.

Your legal counsel can work with you to not only get the order dismissed, but let you know what you need to do during the time it may be enforced. Keep in mind, that protective order is public record, something that can harm you in more ways than one.

Take note that you have the right to be informed of the protective order request, along with having a court hearing in order to defend yourself.

Among some of the steps you need to take to steer clear of possible jail time:

Lastly, keep calm during this time.

While it is understandable that you’d be upset about being served, thinking rationally is imperative.

By working with the right criminal defense attorney, you can better ensure your rights are not discounted.