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In Utah you can be charged for driving with just the metabolite of a drug in your system.  The metabolite is the byproduct of the controlled substance.  In other words if the drug is the gasoline the metabolite is the exhaust. With a metabolite prosecution the government does not have to show impairment.

The consequences of being convicted of Driving With a Measureable Metabolite are nearly as serious as a DUI and you need to proceed with caution when charged with a Metabolite offense.

If you have been charged with Driving with a Measureable Metabolite, contact Paul Grant.  I can determine if the cop had reason to pull you over. Did the cop have probable cause to test you for the metabolite? Did the police properly obtain bodily fluids to be tested and was the testing done correctly.

As a defense attorney with over 25 years of experience I will zealously fight for you and defend your rights against the government and their prosecution of you for Driving With a Measureable Metabolite.