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Don’t Let a Marijuana DUI Light up Your Life

While medical marijuana was recently approved by the voters in Utah, marijuana is still prohibited for recreational usage in the Beehive State.

That said what do you do when you’ve been arrested on suspicion of marijuana DUI?

Your first action after being released from the scene should be to contact and consult with a Salt Lake City defense lawyer.

That attorney can guide you in how best to proceed with your case.

So, are you prepared today to make that call for legal help?

Let a Salt Lake City Attorney Represent You

In reaching out to a defense attorney in Salt Lake City, you can get up to speed on how best to fight the charges you are facing.

Among the areas to cover:

In working with a criminal defense attorney, make sure they drive forward with your best interests in mind.

In order to insure the best possible results in your DUI case, it is important to hire an experienced and aggressive attorney who focuses on DUI cases and who can recognize and leverage your most viable defense into effective motions. At The Law Office of Paul Grant we protect the rights of clients accused of DUI in Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, Park City and surrounding communities in Utah.  Call us today at 801-447-277. You initial consultation is free of charge.