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Attorney Representation in Salt Lake City, Utah for over 30 years

As a prosecutor I prosecuted white collar crime.  As a defense attorney I have represented many people charged with fraud and white collar crime and  I have been successful helping them.
I understand  the elements and complexities of a fraud/white collar crime case and I can effectively present those defenses to a jury.

Our Salt Lake City Criminal Lawyer is experienced in cases of fraud

A corporate attorney understands business but they can’t help you in a criminal court. You need a skilled trial attorney with a proven record of success at trial who can zealously represent you.
I have been an attorney in Utah since 1988 and I  worked on thousands of cases as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Put my experience to work and I will strive to settle the case before it goes to court and if it goes to court I will vigorously protect your rights.

I have handled many fraud/white collar crime cases including:

Communications Fraud
Check Fraud
Credit Card Fraud
Securities Fraud
Insurance Fraud
Mail Fraud