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If your future or that of a loved is currently impeded by the presence of an arrest or conviction record and would like to eliminate this barrier to your progress in life we at The Law Offices Paul Grant can be of enormous help to you. A criminal record can haunt you for the rest of your days and have a lasting effect on the quality of your life. Your employment prospects can be severely limited, you may find yourself discriminated against for things like housing, student loans and some forms of public assistance. Having your criminal record expunged can open the door to opportunities you have been denied because of criminal convictions.  The benefits are many and include the following:

Even if you are not eligible for an actual expungement, you may still qualify for what is called a “402 reduction” that can diminish a felony conviction to a misdemeanor. This can have a huge effect on your employability and help you to ultimately achieve a life of accomplishment and prosperity. Our Utah Criminal Expungement Attorney Team at The Law Office of Paul Grant has helped countless individuals like yourself through the process of expungement to attain a better life. We can and will do the same for you.

There are specific time requirements for having your Utah criminal conviction expunged. The waiting time for expungement eligibility is tolled to begin starting at the latest of either the date of conviction, release from incarceration, or your termination from probation or parole. The waiting period for expungement of a felony charge is 7 years; 5 years for a class A misdemeanor; 4 years for a class B misdemeanor; and 3 years for a class C misdemeanor or infraction. If your case was dismissed, or if you had been arrested without charges being filed, you are eligible for expungement a short 30 days afterward.

There are many steps to the expungement process and are governed by Code Ann. Title 77, Chapter 40a, Sections 101 et al. They consist of the following:

As stated, the process is both time-consuming and complex.  On the other hand you can merely retain and commission our Utah Criminal Expungement team at the Law Office of Paul Grant to do all of this for you at fees that are eminently affordable.  Our familiarity with the legal requirements and procedures along with our excellent working relationship with all the related agencies have allowed us to streamline this process so that your personal involvement will be next to nothing.  Such an investment in our Utah Criminal Expungement attorney team will stand as one of the best possible investments you could make to insure your unimpeded future ability to lead a productive and prosperous life free from the debilitating burden of a blemishing criminal record.

There is no need for your past mistakes to prevent you from living a rich, fulfilling life to its highest potential.  Call us now at The Law Offices of Paul Grant in order that our Utah Criminal Expungement lawyer team can evaluate your eligibility and put this process in motion for you.  We have done so for countless clients in the past and we can do as well for you.  Call us today at  801-474-2773.  Every day of delay on your part is another senseless day of diminished freedom.