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Being accused of and charged with abducting your child is not something you want to take lightly. In the event you are convicted, you can be looking at a class B misdemeanor on a first offense, a class A misdemeanor if convicted of Custodial interference twice before and a third degree felony if the child is taken out of the state. It could also mean separation from your child until they are old enough to decide if they want to spend time with you. It is important that you reach out immediately to a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney for legal help as soon as possible. Here is why:

What to Know About Child Abduction Charges

As described in Utah States Code “Ann. § 76-5-303, a person commits Custodial interference if they take their child when they don’t have legal authority to do so under the custody order the family law judge made. When facing parental child abduction charges in Salt Lake City Utah, focus in on the following legal areas:

There are affirmative defenses available in Custodial interference case. If you keep your child because you believe they are subject to abuse and you report the abuse to the Division of Child and Family Services. It is also a defense if the other parent or guardian consented to you taking the child.

The bottom line when facing parental kidnapping charges is to have the best Salt Lake City legal counsel on your side.