Salt Lake City DUI Suspension Laws

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Many people don’t realize when they are convicted of certain offenses they also lose their driving privileges. A DUI can result in anywhere from a 120 day suspension to 2 years and if you refuse the test it will be 18 months on a first offense. A conviction for possession of a controlled substance will result in a 6 month suspension. Two reckless driving convictions is a 1 year suspension. Driving with a measurable metabolite of a controlled substance starts with 120 days suspension and subsequent convictions can be for 2 years. A false statement on your drivers’ license application will get you suspended.  A conviction for being a minor in possession of alcohol will cost a juvenile 2 years of drivers’ license suspension. Any felony involving a vehicle code violation is a revocation. Failure to render aid at the scene of an accident gets your license suspended. Fleeing a police officer or not obeying a command is a revocation.


If you are apprehended driving a vehicle after your drivers license has been suspended the Drivers’ License Division will add to your suspension. The law states the DLD will extend the first suspension or revocation for an additional like period. In other words if your license was suspended for 18 months because you refused a blood draw when you were arrested for a DUI they will add another 18 months so you are looking at 36 months of suspension, revocation, denial or disqualification to have a drivers license. 
The Code or laws dealing with drivers’ licenses is very confusing and the help of an experienced attorney can prevent or decrease your driver’s license suspension. If you are charged with an offense involving a driver’s license suspension consult with Paul Grant Law before you make any moves in court.